John Larson
Creator, CoachAccountable

Message from the creator of CoachAccountable

It has been my delight to recommend Roxanne to CoachAccountable customers for a good while now, and I continue to hear nothing but good things from those who have worked with her. Her warm and patient approach guides many coaches towards getting the most out of CA, and doubtlessly saves them many hours.


Finding and working with Roxanne has taken a huge weight off my shoulders as a Coach. For years I had on my to-do list ideas for how I was going to expand the way I was using CoachAccountable, but I never had the capacity to actually take it on and get it done. Roxanne has done that for me. She is a CA wizard and was able to take my ideas and integrate them quickly and in a way that has saved me a ton of time so that I can focus on the things I do best. Roxanne is professional, communicative, efficient and a JOY to work with. Thank you Roxanne for your ongoing support in my business.

I hired Roxanne to be my Application Programmer. I have been a Marriage Counselor for over 50 years, having done over 100,000 hrs. of counseling. I wanted to make the transition of my experience onto a platform, to train other Coaches to do my program! She has demonstrated a coherent grasp of how to make the transition from Microsoft Word files into an accountability system that is amazing! I would highly recommend her for any applications you will need to function in CoachAccountable

I work very closely with Roxanne and she brings the structure I need to my business. She is detail-oriented, creates sustainable processes, and follows through with everything she promises. She is an expert at CoachAccountable and has assisted me in creating offerings, courses, groups, worksheets, engagements, and even recorded how-to videos for my clients. In addition she serves as my Customer Success Manager, managing the creation of all my presentation materials when I am preparing for an in person or virtual group training. And she does it all with compassion and kind support.

When I launched my coaching practice, CoachAccountable software was integral to delivering the best client experience. Roxanne’s intimate knowledge of the software and the coaching industry and taking the time to know me personally enable her to apply her vast knowledge and tap into the depth and breadth of CoachAccountable’s capabilities. If you’re a coach wanting to spend more of your time with your clients, Roxanne is the professional you can trust to know you and the software to create the ultimate engagement.

I worked with Roxanne at JDC Coaching. She was hands-down the best admin I ever worked with. She was always responsive, cheerful, and resourceful. If she didn’t know an answer, she would find it, and quickly. I didn’t have to follow up with her to check on something she was working on and didn’t have to worry about something falling through the cracks. She really cared about the coaches and our success and the success of the company.

Cindy Rold — Executive Coach

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Roxanne for over a year, and it has been an incredible experience. Our connection is truly remarkable, and she possesses the unique ability to understand my thoughts and assist me in finding effective solutions.

One of Roxanne’s invaluable contributions was guiding me through the challenging process of onboarding into Coach Accountable systems. She played a pivotal role in helping me structure my courses and develop worksheets. Roxanne’s responsiveness to my inquiries was always commendable, and her expertise in navigating the system was instrumental in my success. Her friendly demeanor and profound knowledge made every interaction with her a pleasure.

Working alongside Roxanne, I’ve come to rely on her expertise, and I honestly cannot imagine tackling system operations and course creation without her support. We still have numerous projects in the pipeline, and she consistently makes the seemingly impossible achievable in a pleasant manner. I wholeheartedly endorse Roxanne and strongly recommend collaborating with her.

Roxanne’s unwavering support has enabled me to actualize my projects and accomplish tasks easily. I am genuinely grateful to have her in my life.

Gayle Terzis — Executive Coach

Roxanne has been such a big help setting up Coach Accountable in a way that works for our specific use case. She’s not only helped us execute on our vision, but also always provides feedback and suggestions based on her knowledge of the platform that has allowed us to significantly improve our client journey. She’s been such a pleasure to work with and always eager to help us problem-solve. We never would have been able to successfully set up our courses, client/coach accounts and engagements and offerings without her!

As my speaker coaching business began to expand, I saw the need for a software program that would help me manage clients and deliver courses. When I found Coach Accountable, I was ecstatic. What I didn’t realize at the time was the level of complexity to set up Coach Accountable and its many moving parts. Roxanne Russell is a wizard with Coach Accountable, and she met with me regularly to create and implement a seamless and elegant coaching program. Roxanne is patient and kind, which are necessary traits for a person who helps coaches like me who often feel overwhelmed by new technology. She guided me through the process of sending out agreements, taking payments, setting up courses, keeping communication flowing between my clients and me, and so much more. She is adept at any aspect of Coach Accountable and running a successful coaching business. I doubt I could have done any of this without her!

I worked with Roxanne. She was the admin manager. I found her to be very helpful in supporting me onboarding into all the coaching systems. She was always prompt answering any questions I had. She also assisted me in understanding the systems and was on hand when I had questions. I found Roxanne friendly and highly knowledgeable. If she did not know the answer to my questions, she was very proactive to find the answer. Roxanne made a huge difference in my experience as I went through the first few weeks in the job. I would highly recommend working with Roxanne, you will not regret it.

Paula Hundertajlo — Master Coach

I knew that Coach Accountable was a great product, but I had a lot of anxieties around how I was using it to communicate with clients. Roxanne helped me streamline my processes for client enrollment and invoicing as well as update my agreements for individuals and companies. She helped me find the problem spots I had created in the system and fix them. Now I’m much more confident in my processes as well as the “polish” of how I communicate with clients. Thank you, Roxanne!

Roxanne makes my administrative work more manageable every day! She knows Coach Accountable like the back of her hand, and is connected to John to talk through things if there are potential issues. She has good ideas on how to make my life easier as a coach, and to keep my clients more engaged with the system. She’s quick and super nice! Very worth the investment!

I was so glad to start working with Roxanne. Her knowledge of Coach Accountable is a tremendous resource and asset to my business. I am completely comfortable connecting her directly to my clients, knowing they will be treated well – with kindness and patience – as she helps them work through things they don’t understand about the system. She always has ideas about how to increase client engagement within the application and is ready to make things happen. I am grateful she is on my team.

Anytime I get started on a new platform or business program, I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by the tech and admin parts of it. It’s easy to get bogged down there so less time is spent on my coaching business. This is where Roxanne rescued me!

From my first day on Coach Accountable, she made it a seamless process as my concierge. Roxanne lives up to and goes beyond her promise of handling all of the setup and vital backend functions in my portal while I focus on coaching and bringing in new clients. Plus, her calming nature has kept me on task and present with my most important work. I value that highly. I recommend Roxanne as a key member of your CA team if you want to grow and thrive.

For anyone contemplating investing in Roxanne as a resource to get the most out of your Coach Accountable experience, “Go!! Jump in!! Don’t hesitate!” Let me explain why… As a business owner and former professional sales rep, I learned years ago the value of working smart not hard, and leveraging whatever tools and resources are available to allow me to achieve and succeed at the highest level. I have learned the value of having coaches in all areas of my life to keep me accountable and in the growth zone (the payoff was so great, I’ve spent the last 24 years running my own coaching/consulting business) and on the tech side of things I’m all about utilizing devices, apps and software to further my productivity and success. Also on the tech side, I’m very aware that when left to myself, I rarely reap the full benefits of what the technology/software can do for me because I don’t have the time or patience to teach myself other than at a rudimentary level so that I capitalize on the basics of the technology, rarely experiencing the highest value and impact that comes from understanding fully the robustness and functionality of whatever tool I am using. This is where Roxanne comes in. While her understanding of all aspects of Coach Accountable and how to use it and to get the most value and impact from what it provides is invaluable, it’s her attitude and personality that are unmatched! You will experience in the first minute of engaging with Roxanne, that she is all about the relationship and truly serving you. Working with Roxanne will leave you feeling heard, valued and appreciated. Her interaction with you is never rushed and she creates an ease and simplifies what you need to know and how to work within the Coach Accountable software so you maximize your return and your productivity so that you can focus on what you do best, coaching your clients. For most coaches (including myself) our passion is all about being a resource and catalyst for others to live their best life possible. Roxanne’s passion is to provide you the mastery you need to leverage the Coach Accountable software, ultimately giving you more time to stay in your passion and serving your clients and less time focused on tasks needed to run your business. Hold yourself accountable, connect with Roxanne now! Your business and your clients will thank you!

Peter Warne — Founder Milestone Coaching and Punch the Earth Enterprises

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